Kentucky Harvest

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Food Waste is Scary!

It’s scary to recognize that nearly one-third of the world’s food production meets an unfortunate end, contributing to environmental degradation and wasteful resource use. In our beloved 502 area, we witness the local impact of this challenge, with a substantial amount of perfectly good food ending up in landfills each year.

A Beacon of Hope: CFSI Grants Infuse Vitality into Six Kentuckiana Organizations

In a heartening display of community support, the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana (CFSI) has recently announced a substantial injection of funds, totaling $58,846, into the heart of Kentuckiana’s nonprofit sector. This funding, divided among six deserving organizations, emanates from CFSI’s two competitive grant programs: Capacity Building and Community Assist.

Big Green EggFEST supports KY Harvest

In the heart of Louisville, the sizzle of grills and the aroma of freshly cooked food marks the celebration of the 14th annual Big Green EggFEST, an event that goes beyond culinary delight. It’s a festival that has garnered the attention of food enthusiasts and philanthropists alike, not just for its mouthwatering offerings, but for the noble cause it supports.